About Ciao Pizza and Owner Maurizio Paparo Owner Maurizio Paparo started Ciao Pizza with his family in November 2007. Over the past thirty years, he has applied his background and knowledge of true Italian cuisine to create several successful businesses. Maurizio was born the youngest of nine children in Naples, Italy and had the opportunity to work with premier chefs before moving to the United States. He began to establish himself in the restaurant business with Marco Gelato in 1982. Eleven years later he purchased the Excelsior Inn & Ristorante. His vision for Ciao pizza began with motivation from his family and a desire to create a casual, Italian restaurant like back home in Naples.

Ciao Pizza was designed to offer the experience of an authentic Italian pizzeria. We serve made from scratch pizza, calzone, and pasta, along with appetizers, soups, salads, and desserts. Most menu items are baked in a classic wood and gas fired oven. The beverage menu includes an extensive wine selection, beer on tap, as well as bottled beer.

Ciao Pizza provides a welcome to our family dining experience where good friendship and great food is shared.